Patrick Jahns
Markus G. Elser
Esther Maaß
Debby O Neil
Aciel Martinez Pol
Thomas Williamson
Christopher Lee Meadows
Old Platoon Sergeant
Harald Pucher
Herr Wolf
Wesley Tc Howard
Yvonne Köhler

Supporting roles:

Sarita Bradley is
Sandra Williamson
Sebastian Badenberg is
Benjamin Koeberl is
German Soldier
Steffen Hacker is
German Soldier
Thomas Karstaedt is
German Soldier
Anna Mentele is
German Soldier
Bernd Strack is
Peter Koller is
Benjamin Nolde is


Matthias Olof Eich
Director / Producer and Screenplay
Bernd Strack
Screenplay co-writer
Steffen Hacker
Visual effects
Meinolf Amekudzi
Stereoscopic supervisor
Yvonne Köhler
Assistant director
Patrick Jahns
Associate producer

... furthermore:

Stephanie Wimmer
Dialog editor
Wesley Tc Howard
Fight choreographer
Inga Ross
Makeup artist
Thomas Karstaedt
Produktion sound mixer
Jon Prepeluh
Art Direction
Philipp Rathgeber
Makeup artist
Christian Bibi Bierling
Special effects supervisor
Niklas Weber
Martin Schaeper
FX makeup artist
Tobias Lampe
Katharina Grethlein
Makeup artist



In Oberammergau Germany, Markus and Thomas are two friends who happen upon an old diary containing the descriptive location of a legendary underground military base code-named: CERUSIT.

To this day, CERUSIT, a former World War II secret research institute that was used by the Nazis, is shrouded in rumors regarding post-war gold captured by the Third Reich. Equipped with a radio and 3D camera, Markus sets off on a quest to discover if the legends are true, which leads him directly within the boundaries of a U.S. Military Installation and later leads him to discover the secret underground facility. But what Markus does not know, is that his attempt has not only drawn the attention of the U.S. Military on his heels...there is also something else that has been waiting... hungry... for over the past 70 years.

For Markus, it will be a race of life and death.


CERUSIT is a small, brave independent film that exploits the genre and its full diversity by being the first film ever to enter the cinematic territory using stereoscopic 3D for "First Person Shooter" optics.

The specially developed S3D Camera Systems and Software that have been developed for this film not only provide a new experience, but will undoubtedly break new grounds within the Film Industry. Through this new experience, the audience is no longer just a mere observer of events, but will feel as they have merged with the protagonists and become a part of the film. Filmed above and below ground within locations such as Oberammergau and Bavaria, CERUSIT not only distinguishes itself by its technical and location implementation, but it also convincing through its historical sense.

Although productions such as this have to do without subsidies, CERUSIT is completely funded and produced by Praetoria-Productions. Praetoria-Productions has the ultimate goal of proving that Independent cinema, with the right concept, will work, including in Germany.

CERUSIT will appear simultaneously in an optimized 2D CinemaScope version. Although original German and English are spoken, country-specific synchronizations will occur.

PRODUCTION INFO total shooting days 21
runtime ca. 80 min
TECHNICAL INFO Aspect ratio TV 16:9 (1:1,78)
Printed negativ format HD
Printed film format HD
Sound mix Dolby surround (4 Channels)
Colour/B&W colour
PRODUCTION COMPANY Praetoria Productions


"Dread Central" wrote...

Indie director Matthias Olof Eich, who brought us Break in 2009, plans on a grand return next year with the release of his upcoming Cerusit, on which filming is currently under way. Everything is being kept very hush-hush on this project, but from what we've been able to gather, it stars Aciel Martinez Pol and Patrick more


Press map in Deutsch
Press map in English



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CERUSIT / First Person Ego Shooter Movie


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